Invite your employees or teammates to become involved in the invoicing and accounting of your company.

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Every business or startup is the result of solid organisation and collaboration between team members. With the multi-user function, you will have a more efficient distribution of tasks without losing the unity.

Cooperation amongst team members

In many companies, due to their small size, everyone must be involved. When one takes part in accounting, the other handles sales, and another makes coffee, the skills of each of your employees quickly becomes limited. In these circumstances, it is important to be able to multitask.

In larger companies, divisions and departments are clearer and all employees have a specific task.

In both cases, if you use an invoicing software, it’s more practical to have multiple users on the same software and not delegate / limit all the work to one person. Software that allows multiple employees to improve the company’s performance is arguably the most effective.

The advantage of teamwork

A team must be well coordinated. Good teamwork is the fastest path to success.

The multi-user app allows all members of a team to contribute, not to rely on one person (account administrator, for example). Each team member can focus on their respective field – but they can also play a part in invoicing without having to go through another person.

Imagine that you have a sales team. Each employee can access information from a tablet, send a quote directly to your customer, or register an expense. All without being "disconnected" from the rest of the team.

Everyone will see what the other has started working on without trampling their work, resulting in a strong union and a more effective division of labor. Coordinating a team is key to successfully leading your company.

If different employees cooperate in the management of the company, you’ll be sure to achieve great things for your business.

Quick facts

Debitoor is an invoicing software designed for SMEs and freelancers. You can invite your various employees and team mates to manage invoicing and accounting.

New users can submit quotes, create invoices, record expenses, have access to payments and generate reports.

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