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A credit note is a document you send to your customer to correct mistakes or take back an invoice.

Keep your customers happy with correct invoices

You’ve done your job, sent your invoice and the only thing that’s missing is for the money to show up in your account.

And then your customer calls you with changes to the invoice or requests to return the goods they just purchased. How do you handle this?

A final invoice is a legal document and therefore shouldn't be changed once it has been sent. The official way to handle these changes is to issue a credit note that contains the same details as your invoice, but in the negative.

Credit note

So what if my customer has already paid the invoice?

You should issue a credit note every time you take back an invoice – regardless of whether the invoice has already been paid.

If your customer has already paid and you need to reimburse the amount, it’s a good idea to include a message on the credit note about how and when your customer can expect to get the money back.

If your customer has not yet paid your invoice, the credit note will reset that transaction to zero and no money will be transferred.

You can also create a credit note that only reimburses part of the invoice, such as one or more of the invoice lines.

Quick facts

In Debitoor, you can create credit notes with just a few clicks based on your original invoice.

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