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A reminder is a document you send to your customer to remind them to pay an overdue invoice.

Stop chasing payments – let reminders do it for you

Job done, invoice sent, and money in your bank? Or do you sometimes anxiously wait for your payment to come, but nothing happens?

It’s far too common that invoices become overdue and you have to actively push to get paid.

How do you keep track of overdue invoices? And how do you feel about phoning or emailing your customer asking them to pay the invoice so that you can pay your own bills? Awkward?

That’s when reminders come to the rescue, as you can send your customer a formal document with the same details as your invoice plus a reminder to pay. Depending on the kind of relationship you have with your customer, this may be followed by a phone call or personal email.

As a formal document, the reminder speaks its own language, and it’s an easy and professional way to get your payment to come through.

Debitoor reminder

Do you charge a late fee?

If your invoice is already long overdue, it’s a little late to discuss terms and late fees with your client, but assuming that these have already been agreed upon, you can add them to your reminder to refer to your agreement.

It’s very common to add a late fee of 2-5 % to a reminder if an invoice is 30 days overdue. This fee may increase with the next reminder. Again, up to you.

Quick Facts

In Debitoor, you can easily see which invoices are overdue and decide to send a reminder to your customer, and follow-up with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd reminder, if you wish.