iZettle x Debitoor

Give your customers the option to pay you with the easiest and fastest form of payment: by credit card.

By connecting Debitoor and iZettle, you can receive credit card payments from customers at any time, from anywhere.

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increase sales

Improve your sales by letting your customers pay with credit card.


Save time

Payments received through iZettle are automatically saved in Debitoor.


Transparent prices

Pay per transaction: you pay just 2.75% - 1% on each transaction.

What can you do with iZettle?

  • Accept payments by card or contactless
  • Allow secure card payments thanks to the reader that adheres to PCI PTS requirements
  • Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth
  • Manage payments simply with a card reader and smartphone or tablet

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Payments and accounting connected automatically

Through the integration of iZettle and Debitoor, each payment you receive is recorded automatically in your accounts.

This way, your accounts are always updated and in order without you having to lift a finger.

Check out our tutorial to learn how to connect your Debitoor account to iZettle.

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Card payments with low fees

Purchase your iZettle card reader now to start accepting payments from anywhere.

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