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2016 is here! How to start your new invoice numbers

The new year is finally here! And you perhaps have already asked us this question: How should I number my invoices in 2016?

This year we would like to give you a recommendation. At Debitoor we advise you to place the beginning of the year number to your sequential numbers.

For example: 160001, where "16" is the year 2016 and the average number of zeros depends on how many invoices you have planned to create in 2016.

How to change the sequential number?

It's very easy. When creating a new invoice, simply click on "Invoice No." then enter your number following the same example: 160001.

Debitoor will refer to this number and the following invoices will automatically be assigned a sequential number: 160002, 160003, 160004, and so on…!

This recommendation is due to the tax authorities and their important principle of order and organization when assigning a number to your invoices. Compliance with the chronology of your invoice numbers is an important rule regardless of the structure of your company, including for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the most important thing is not the number with which you start the sequential number, but to make sure that there is no gap in the numbering of your invoices.

Any doubts? Feel free to write us on [email protected]