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6 Debitoor Productivity Tips for the New Year

To help you keep up with your New Years' resolutions Debitoor Team has put together 6 great productivity tips.

1. Use Post-Its

Use a post-it to write three most important things you have to do during the day. The post-it is small, you can take it with you and put it in front of you wherever you are. But remember - just three most important things. Too many tasks can kick you off track.

2. Meditate

If you're stuck with a task, try to get away from the desk and meditate for a bit. If you haven't tried it yet, there's a handful of apps you can download for your phone. You will work much better with the clear head.

3. Switch off

Switch off pop-up notifications on your phonem your phone probably has a "do not disturb" mode. Notifications can easily disturb you and take the focus off your main task.

4. Plan your time

Plan your time properly to enjoy the weekend. Take a break during the work. Never read emails in bed.

5. Delegate

You can outsource tasks that are too complicated for you. For example: get help from a bookkeeper or an accountant.

6. Take 15

Use the first 15 minutes when you come home from work to learn something new. Instead of wasting time on checking your friends' social statuses on Facebook, on your comfy couch, do something productive for the first 15 minutes. Learn to play a music instrument, read a few pages of the book you've started or learn a few prases in a new language. It's only 15 minutes per day, but almost 2 hours per week and a few more steps closer to finishing what you have started.

We hope you have a happy and productive New Year!

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on 29/12/2014 in Team
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