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Shaping a product by user voices

To me, there's nothing more exciting than observing how someone uses a product. Particularly a product that I've designed or been involved with somehow.

And the core concept of Debitoor is that it's defined by its users. User experiences, input and feedback are all we want right now. So the creative designers and usability experts behind the Debitoor invoice software met in Berlin last week for a couple of intense user testing sessions.

Test results and user statements will follow here on the blog shortly, but allow me to define what a good user experience means to me.

Why user experience and design are my passions

The term 'User Experience' - also referred to as UX - really means the ‘what, when, where, why and how’ someone uses a product – anything which affects the user's interaction with a product.

The related term 'User Interface' - or UI in short - is less about 'the why', but more about designing the beautiful interactions which make it seamless for users to interact with the actual system.

The two cannot be seperated in my opinion.

Both require a great deal of understanding of how people behave and think. A UX/UI designer must always consider user needs and match them with business goals. When the two go together you can actually end up with a product that people love as well as a strong business.

Your opinion makes the difference

That's why user testing is key to the growth and development of Debitoor. And why your voice is the most important one right now.

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Written by Mette Walsted

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