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4 reasons to keep your email address up to date

When you first create an account with Debitoor, you choose a password and sign up with an email address, but at a later date, you might want to change the email registered in your profile.

There are many reasons for changing your email address. Perhaps you signed up with a personal address and only check your company emails, or maybe you moved to a new email provider and no longer use the address you signed up with.

Updating the email address in your invoicing software isn’t at the top of everyone’s to-do list, and it’s an easy thing to overlook. But not having a current email address registered in your Debitoor profile can cause of a number of different problems. Here are 4 important reasons why it’s important to keep your email address up to date.

It's important that you keep your email address up to date. Here's why.

1. Receive replies from customers

The email address registered in your Debitoor profile is the email address that replies from customers will be sent to. They might have questions about specific products, they might want to send proof of payment, or they might simply want to thank you for their order.

If messages from customers are sent to an old email address or to an account you no longer have access to, it will slow down communication, which can ultimately damage your relationships with your clients.

2. Don’t get locked out

We all forget our passwords from time to time. Fortunately, you can easily reset your Debitoor password in just a few clicks. The catch? For security reasons, instructions for resetting your password can only be sent to the email address in your profile, so if we don't have an up-to-date email address in our system, you won’t be able to regain access to your Debitoor profile.

3. Avoid duplicate accounts

We often receive messages from users looking for specific quotes or invoices, and it isn’t unheard of for documents to seem like they’re missing because they were actually created in another profile.

Users sometimes create duplicate profiles when they try to log in with an email address that’s different from the one they originally signed up with. This not only means that their documents and financial records end up being split across two profiles, it can also mean that they accidentally end up paying for two subscriptions.

But this can easily be avoided just by keeping your email address up to date, as this ensures that you know exactly which address to use when you log in.

4. Stay informed about your subscription

When you sign up to one of our paid plans, you're asked to provide additional contact details so that we can communicate with you about your subscription. This email address isn't linked to the email address you use to log in to your profile, and we use it to notify you when your subscription is due to renew, to let you know if we’re unable to take payment, or to tell you that you need to update your payment methods.

If you don't keep this email address up to date, you could run into a number of different problems with your subscription. You might want to switch to a smaller plan before your subscription is due to renew, but if you don’t see the email warning you of your up-coming renewal, you might not realise until your plan has already renewed for another year. You might also not realise if your card gets declined, which means that your account could be blocked if you don’t update your payment details soon enough.

How to update your email address in your Debitoor profile

Having an up-to-date email registered in your Debitoor profile is a crucial thing that’s very easy to achieve, and you can change your address in just a few simple steps.

To change the email address registered in your Debitoor profile, go to the ‘Profile’ section of your settings. Under ‘Your Profile’, you’ll see a button labelled ‘Change email’. Clicking on this will bring up a box where you can enter your new email address. An email will be sent to this new address asking you to confirm the change.

Update the email address you use for logging into Debitoor invoicing software

If you change the email address, you need to remember to also update the email address in your billing details. You can do this in the 'Plans & Pricing' section of your settings. Click on the 'Change' button under 'Billing information', then enter your new email address in the 'Send invoice to' field.

You’ll probably have noticed that you can also enter an email address under the ‘Business Information’ section of your account settings. This is where you enter the email address that you’d like to be shown on your invoices – this email is not linked to your profile in any other way, and it isn’t updated if you change the email you use to sign in to Debitoor.

To change this email address, all you need to do is go to the ‘Business Information’ tab in your settings, click on the box, delete the existing email address, and enter your new one. Any future invoices and quotes will automatically show your updated email, but past documents will still show the old address.

Update the email address you use on your invoice templates

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on 25/07/2019
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