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5 characteristics of user-friendly invoicing software

There are many programs out there now designed to help businesses with invoicing and accounting. But there are typically two main areas in which they differ: the design and the usability.

These are two seemingly small but ultimately significant factors for choosing the right invoicing and accounting software for your business.

Invoicing and accounting can be uncomplicated with Debitoor!

So what does user-friendly software offer? Look for these 5 key features:

1. A clear, intuitive interface

Opening your invoicing and accounting program can seem a bit daunting - after all it involves finances and the more tedious parts of running a business. You want something that will still allow you to see the forest for the trees - not endless buttons and functions and features complicating the process.

A simple homepage with a clear, easily navigable menu of options. In Debitoor, you’ll find a simple dashboard when you log in, providing you with an overview of your income and expenses at a glance with useful graphs and totals. In the menu bar at the top, you’ll find the main functions such as ‘Invoices’, ‘Quotes’, ‘Expenses’, ‘Banking’, ‘Contacts’, and more.

2. Simple workflow in your invoicing and expenses

The right accounting and invoicing software will give you the tools to manage your business without any superfluous detours (don’t detours always seem a little superfluous?).

For example, in Debitoor you can create a quotation with the click of your mouse and send it directly to your customer. Once your customer accepts, you can mark the quote as accepted, and convert it instantly to an invoice.

As you can see: simple workflows that flow intuitively through each step of the sale and invoicing process are worth their weight (and your time) in gold!

3. Invoicing and accounting without a specialist background

Not all entrepreneurs just starting out know what an asset is. Or how to record a liability in their accounting system. After all, not many entrepreneurs have studied accounting before launching their own business.

An accounting program like Debitoor intentionally avoids the jargon in favour of making the complex parts of accounting built-in so that it occurs automatically as the user enters payments, adds expenses and creates invoices.

Your accountant can still access all of the nitty gritty through our quick and simple data export function if you invite them to collaborate on your account.

4. Less is more: the scope of your accounting software

It’s not always important to have every possible function and integration available. Especially as an entrepreneur, when the only features that are necessary are the more basic ones. Adding more and more features and functions often only serves to unnecessarily complicate the software.

Accounting software like Debitoor strikes a good balance between too much and too little when it comes to features and functions. The result is a simple, easy-to-use program that allows you to manage your accounting easily and quickly.

5. Customer support inside the software

Even with accounting and invoicing software designed as intuitively as Debitoor, you might still have questions that come up. A good program will provide you with resources such as an in-app chat to connect directly to customer support.

You’ll find this at the lower right of your Debitoor account. So you can contact us any time and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with a reply :).

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