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All grown up: the evolution of the Debitoor brand

You might notice a change in the next couple days. Not to worry - I’m not talking about a change that will affect your use of the software. Instead it’s something a bit closer to the hearts of the Debitoor team. Here’s a hint:

With the third anniversary comes a new look for Debitoor invoicing software

This month marks the 3-year anniversary of Debitoor becoming independent, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating in a unique and exciting way. But more on that soon. First: a little background.

Debitoor’s origins

The concept behind Debitoor was developed by a group of individuals working at one of the largest accounting software companies in Europe. The features and functions the parent company was providing were great for accountants, or those with a background in finance, but it was clear that there was a need for better tools for users without this type of professional experience.

Debitoor was born by taking the knowledge gained from the original accounting software and using this to develop a brand new system that focused on the user experience. With the spotlight on freelancers, sole traders, and small businesses, Debitoor aimed to create a program that would provide these users with the resources to take their invoicing and accounting into their own hands.

The Debitoor slogan rings as true today as it did when that first branch began: Helping Small Businesses Thrive. It is what Debitoor was built on, and is the first priority when we work towards growing and improving the software for the needs of our users.

Same Debitoor, new look

Three years ago, we committed to providing users with easy software to help them run and grow their businesses. Since then, we’ve evolved into a company that represents intuitive, uncomplicated accounting and invoicing software that empowers our users.

So, it was time for the Debitoor brand to evolve as well. With that short introduction, we’re delighted to reveal Debitoor’s new logo:

The brand new logo of Debitoor invoicing software

It’s a new look but it’s the same simple invoicing & accounting software that you’ve come to know. We’re excited to be moving forward with a great new logo that is uniquely Debitoor.

A look back at our logos

A few of our users might remember that this is not the first time we’ve introduced a new logo. In fact, the logo that we have currently is not the original Debitoor logo, but one that was adopted several years ago:

Debitoor's previous logo has seen us through a lot of development

The current logo served us well as we set out on our own, but inevitably bears an association with the company we used to be a part of. It’s a history we’re happy for, but it was time to move on to a new image, to update our brand.

We’ll take this opportunity to share with you the first, original Debitoor logo. After all, it’s always nice to take a look back and see how far you’ve come:

Debitoor's branding also started simply. Our original logo.

Like many of our users, we started small and understand the challenges and obstacles of launching a business. We might be bigger now, but we’ve maintained the communication and structure that allows us to relate closely to our users and channel this into our work and the ongoing development of the software.

You’ll start to see our new logo across our website, social media, and basically anywhere you see Debitoor pop up :). So we’ll tell you a little more about it.

Dissecting the design

Our UX designer, Mads, sat down to give us some more insight into the new logo. When coming up with a design, it was important that the final result was something that represented our brand but also communicates what Debitoor means for users.

With this in mind, Mads describes the initial thoughts going into the creation of the new logo:

We wanted a logo that has a clearer connection to our name and product. A letter shape.

Naturally, a ‘d’ seemed the right choice.

But more than just a ‘d’ - a wide, uppercase ‘d’, leading them to the shape unveiled above. Working with this shape as a base, they focused on maintaining a clear connection to the Debitoor name and cleaning up the positioning of the typography.

An overview of the design of the new logo icon for Debitoor invoicing software

Mads continues:

We wanted it to be recognisable. To be bold and visible. And to have a subtle reference to our product.

The Debitoor blue came into play, as well as an homage to the traditional association with invoices and documents: paper.

Streamlined, modernised, and fitting the current and most comprehensive version of Debitoor. The new logo acknowledges our history while embracing what’s ahead.

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