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The centre of the Debitoor world? You, the user

On September 15th and 16th, Debitoor held its annual ‘Team Days’. Over the course of these two days, members from all of our offices got together to participate in workshops, meetings, and brainstorming sessions aimed at one goal: improving the Debitoor user experience.

We took the time to share the main questions, concerns, and requests and to discuss plans for the future as well as reflect on past successes and opportunities for improvement.

Wednesday the 14th

After a normal working day, our colleagues arrived from our other offices. We all got together for an introductory meeting outlining the schedule and main goals for the next two days.

Thursday the 15th

On Thursday, we got down to business. It was a day full of workshops, many of which directly involved users. We contacted many users by phone to discuss their use of Debitoor, their general satisfaction with the programme, and whether their experience could be improved.

This was an excellent experience for us, giving us close contact with Debitoor users and building even stronger connections with our users over the phone compared to via email or chat.

Working in groups, we reviewed the feedback we gathered from these users and discussed strategies and steps that can be taken to meet or exceed the expectations and quality of experience for our users.





Some of the main focus areas included:

  • Online payment and how we can help you get paid faster
  • Building and improving our communication and connection with users
  • Customer needs and the balance of features available in each plan
  • What our users love about Debitoor
  • The main reasons that users choose to leave the programme

Thanks to these informative interviews and the feedback we have collected from users via email and chat, we came away with many new ideas and strategies for growth and improvement that we will continue to share with you in the coming months.

Friday the 16th

In the morning, each group presented the results and conclusions of their workshops from the previous day. As a group, we took the afternoon to discuss the various findings and how they can best be applied moving forward.


After lunch, we split into teams and participated in an hour-long scavenger hunt in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen. We followed clues to reveal the secrets of the court - a true team-building activity that allowed us to use our problem-solving skills and illustrated that in order to succeed, every individual contribution is important.

So here is a big thank you to our users, who inspire us each and every day.

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