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Cloud on cloud: How we run Debitoor

With Debitoor, we have adopted a fully cloud-based model, or rather cloud-on-cloud model.

First off, Debitoor is a web application that runs in the browser - so in that sense it is a cloud product itself. Additionally, we have built the application so that it runs on top of cloud products such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Loggly, Github, Google Analytics etc.

This doubling of cloud applications - one on top of the other - is why we refer to Debitoor as a cloud on cloud product.

Ensuring availability

We have paid particular attention to the way we run the operational setup ensuring that our many years of experience in keeping online applications running and performing for thousands of users is also reflected in the Debitoor platform.

Using the robust framework from AWS we have built a system that ensures maximum availability with a triple center redundancy and auto failover capability. This means that all data is duplicated in three separate physical locations, and if one location fails we automatically switch to another location without affecting our users.


Technical setup of Debitoor

We have also provided for seamless scalability so that we can handle variations in load, typically during peak office hours when many users are logged on and working in our system at the same time. With auto scaling, servers and resources are continually added as the need arises, meaning that we constantly have the performance resources in place to keep our system running smoothly.

Additionally, we have engineered a sophisticated self-reliance system that monitors the health of the servers and starts up new ones in case a server fails. This way we can ensure maximum availability and responsiveness for Debitoor.

Latest methods and technology

Keeping in line with our DevOps methodology we have made sure that we can deploy committed code without affecting users and even do it multiple times a day if needed. Our code is built from the ground up and is based on the latest cloud technologies, including HTML5 and Node.js.

We have also provided for state-of-the-art security with sophisticated operational control of security levels - again drawing from our experience of countless auditing reviews.

In short, we have ensured that the Debitoor setup can handle the growing number of users on the system and secure their data while allowing new features to be added continuously - all within a cloud-on-cloud framework.

Written by Jens Sørensen

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