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Easy invoicing for translators in the UK

Some claim the rise in international communication should lead to advances in technology allowing instantaneous translation reminiscent of Douglas Adams' famous ‘babel fish’.

Creating and sending professional invoices can be easy for UK translators with Debitoor online invoice software

While we might be far from hitchhiking through the galaxy while hosting a linguistically skilled creature in our ear canal, it’s more important than ever that interactions across languages and cultures are without misunderstanding.

Translators serve an important role in ensuring that messages are communicated properly, with the right tone, and picking up on subtle nuances that the forays into machine translation are still lacking.

Translation in the new market

The UK’s close relationship with EU countries is one that inevitably involves communication across cultures and languages. In business, the correct translation can mean the difference between a positive business experience, and one that could have gone better.

While many rely on English as the new lingua franca, language barriers are still very real. Translators can help scale these walls, especially as it comes to reevaluating cross-border transactions with the arrival of Brexit.

Managing and creating new arrangements between businesses in the UK and in EU countries could be considered an opportunity for some professions, with translators potentially playing an important role.

Working with businesses in the EU could mean more translation work for UK businesses. Invoice your customers fast with Debitoor

Creating invoices for translation services

Freelance translators or those working within an agency can have their hands full when it comes to translation work for businesses working abroad. However, it’s still important to keep track of your jobs.

If you’re just getting into translation work, maintaining a high level of professionalism in your communications (in any language) can go a long way to attracting more business. A big part of your business transaction involves the document that helps you get paid: the invoice.

Cloud-based invoicing software like Debitoor provides you with the tools to create invoices in less than a minute from anywhere - whether you’re still with a customer, commuting to a lunch meeting, or have just completed a job, using the right tools mean that your invoices will consistently meet legal requirements and communicate your professional image.

What to include on translation invoices

As with any invoice, there are certain details that must be included on each invoice you create in order to ensure that it is legally compliant. The basic information that needs to appear on every invoice includes:

  • A unique invoice number (sequential, without gaps between invoices)
  • Your company information (name, address, contact information)
  • Your customer’s information (name, address, contact information)
  • The date the invoice is issued
  • A description of the service being provided
  • The amount
  • VAT (if VAT registered)
  • The total amount due

Whether you include VAT on invoices depends on whether you’re VAT registered. If you’re turnover is more than the VAT registration threshold, it is compulsory to register. You can also register voluntarily in order to claim VAT.

No need for pen & paper. Mobile apps for Debitoor invoicing & accounting software make it easy to stay on top of your business even while at market

Managing translation income & expenses

As a translator, as with any freelance career, you’re likely to encounter business expenses. It’s equally important to keep track of these as it is to record your income. The Debitoor iOS app and Debitoor Android app make it easy to record expenses even while on the go.

It’s also possible to add expenses to your account from a computer - whichever is more convenient for how you work.

Recording payments on invoices is as simple as just a few clicks (or taps on your smartphone). And, if you connect an online payment solution such as SumUp, your payments are synced and matched to the corresponding invoices automatically. Learn more about the Debitoor x SumUp integration in our article: ‘SumUp x Debitoor: sell more and get paid faster’.

Invoice in other languages

Although your work involves translation, it can be nice when the tedious bits are taken care of for you. With Debitoor, you can translate your invoices into 16 different languages, freeing up just that little bit extra time but still ensuring a personal touch for your customers.

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