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Interview with Magdalena Haener of Pride Road Manchester | Architect

Debitoor user Magdalena Haener is a Manchester-based architect. She uses her wealth of international experience to help her clients achieve their dream home on an affordable budget.

Magdalena Haener explains how Debitoor invoicing software has helped her run her business

Hi Magdalena, could you please tell us about who you are and what you do?

I am a director (ARB Architect) at Pride Road Manchester South and was the first pilot franchisee of our company.

Before joining Pride Road, I was based in Moscow and Poland. I worked for a large international architecture firm and primarily focused on commercial and retail projects. These projects offered valuable experience which now informs my approach to residential builds.

Floorplans by Debitoor user Magda

What do you enjoy most about your work as an architect?

I love that each of my clients are different. I also love helping people to live better lives - as an architect, I can do this through improving my clients' homes.

I always dedicate time to running a personal concept design workshop for my clients as this is where I can make the most of my knowledge and professional experience. These consultations can often feel like a coaching session - helping people live their lives more efficiently by finding ways to get the most out of the available space in a home. It feels as though I am making their dreams a reality.

Simple home extension, conversion or reconfiguration is a small exercise for me but can be overwhelming for others. It feels rewarding to see my clients so happy after every concept design workshop. The direct contact with them and this particular design process is extremely enjoyable.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging?

I love challenges. I always have many ideas and it can be difficult to land on just one. Any challenges that come with running a franchise and being an architect are actually a great push towards quicker development.

If you were starting to run your business today, what advice would you give yourself?

I would be more generous with my marketing budget and I would give more free offers to my clients. Everything comes back around so it pays off to be generous at the beginning. Debitoor invoicing software was a fantastic tool that helped my business grow - particularly for first few months when I had no income!

Architect Magda tells us about her architecture  business, Pride Road

How does the future look for you and Pride Road?

We are constantly developing and are always looking to take on more projects as well as new architects wanting to open their own Pride Road branch in the UK. The great thing about my business is that I have still a huge capacity for consultations and the concept design workshops that I run with my clients in order to create the design with them at their table.

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on 07/09/2017
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