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If you have invoices that you need to send out each month, to the same customers, with the same products and details, you might be wondering about recurring invoices.

Enter Invoice Recur. A team of skilled developers have created an extension that links easily to your Debitoor account and allows you to schedule your invoices to recur automatically!


What is the Debitoor X Invoice Recur integration?

Essentially, the name says it all. Invoice Recur makes recurring invoices possible in your Debitoor account. This means, if you have a customer you send the same invoice to each month, you can connect to Invoice Recur, schedule it, and forget it!

To give you a bit more detail:

The connection with Invoice Recur allows you to use one of your existing invoices created from an invoice template in Debitoor. You can then choose the frequency that the invoice should be sent - whether it’s every 14 days, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. it’s all possible.

Once the first invoice is created, all you need to do is send it to Invoice Recur, and it is automatically recreated as either a proforma or a completed invoice, as determined by you.

Through Invoice Recur you can then track, pause, and resume your recurring invoices. You’ll be able to view a history of your invoices from the first created in Debitoor and each that is sent after that.

The conclusion? Save yourself time, headaches, and waiting. As well as build on your professional relationship with your customers.

How to connect Invoice Recur to Debitoor:

We’ve made it easy to connect to Invoice Recur to get started with recurring invoices.

  1. Open an account with Invoice Recur.
  2. When you create an account, Invoice Recur will ask if you’d like to connect your Debitoor account. Agree and follow the prompts.
  3. Create the invoice you’d like to set as recurring in Debitoor using our invoice templates.

This will then automatically sync with your account and your recurring invoices will be taken care of.

If you have any questions or need assistance, let us know. Send us an email at or chat with in in-app!

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