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Invoicing for event companies

If you are an event company or event planner - we all know the amount of work that goes into organising and arranging any event to make it successful.

The nature of the event planning means dealing with many different details - whether it is a birthday party, wedding, football event, or catering event. You need to make sure that you know the right way to bill your customers. This is where it helps to have some assistance, since different events entail different service charges.

Event planning requires responsibility in all apects of your business. An invoicing software can help you manage your business' finances by tracking income and expenses, and invoicing customers quicker and easier.

As an event company, your services and planning for a corporate conference event will be very different to that of a wedding - hence, your service fees will also differ. There are certain factors that weigh in when deciding what fee to charge for your services, which will be reflected in your invoicing.

Dealing with different customers

Whether you charge service fees at an hourly rate or standard, you will still need to account for all the overhead costs such as transport and parking, security, venue, print expense, and many more. Naturally, depending on your level of experience and reputation, you might be able to charge a higher rate for your service compared to other event planners.

An ivoicing software helps event companies customize and personalize their invoices to match the preferences of each customer

If you are hired by either a private individual or a company to plan an event, you are always expected to be organised and provide quality service to execute the event, no matter the nature.

If you are a small event planning company, or even working on your own, you will be the one responsible for all the customer service, marketing, finances, and to oversee the execution of the event from start to finish.

Invoicing software for event companies

At some point along the road of planning and executing of the event, it is very likely that something will go wrong - and this could be anything from the wrong delivery of flowers, to actually losing the venue. And as the one responsible, you will need to manage the situation, improvise towards solutions, and remain calm for the sake of your customer.

It is no secret that event planning is a stressful business to work in, so why not take the strain off where you can - and leave the invoicing up to us?

Using an invoicing software like Debitoor can save you both time and money, and  is specifically useful for event planners to produce customized invoices.

Besides the fact that using an online invoicing software such as Debitoor can save you both time and money, it is specifically useful for event planners since you can customise your invoices according to the theme, personal to each customer.

Invoicing software allows you to quickly and easily send out invoices to your customers, whilst also keeping track of your expenses. You can automate the process further by creating recurring invoices, with a standardised design and invoice structure with the relevant information. Moreover, an invoicing software also has features that allow you to instantly send out a reminder letter to your customers with outstanding or delayed payments.

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on 09/05/2018
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