Start your own business as a yoga teacher

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 30 October 2018 in General

You have experience in yoga, and have an education for teaching, and now you’re getting ready to start your own business as a yoga teacher - that’s exciting!

Starting your own business as a yoga teacher Debitoor

You might have all the qualifications, and motivation, but unfortunately that is not all that is required in order to start a business. Why not? Because starting a business means that you are an entrepreneur, and now it is also your responsibility to deal with all the associated ad hoc tasks (both in the classroom, and behind).

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6 ways to improve cash flow in your business

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 29 October 2018 in General Accounting

Effectively managing cash flow is vital to the runnings of your business. We all like to see what money is coming in, but if we dont keep track of what money is going out and what is on hand, then your business might be heading for a crash without you even knowing it.

6 ways to improve cash flow in your business Debitoor invoicing software

Cash flow is one of the most important metrics to follow - especially when it comes to forecasting the future growth of your business.

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5 FAQS about invoicing

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 25 October 2018 in General

Everyday we receive inquiries from our customers about invoicing. Some questions more frequent than others, but nevertheless all questions are good questions, and I can guarantee you that you are not the only one interested in the answers.

5 FAQs about Debitoor invoicing

Despite using invoicing software that provides you with all the tools you need - or almost all - there will always be some questions and doubts which the software can’t answer for you. Therefore, in this article we will discuss five of the most frequently asked questions we receive about invoicing.

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Invoice template: Difference between issue date and delivery date

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 24 October 2018 in Accounting General

In an invoice template, is it essential to distinguish between the issue date and delivery date?

issue date versus delivery date in invoice template Debitoor

When creating invoices as a self-employed person or an entrepreneur, there are some requirements and demands you need to be clear about and meet in order for your invoice to be considered a legal document. These requirements entail including certain mandatory content on the invoice, as requested by the tax authorities.

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Invoicing for ski instructors

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 17 October 2018 in General

Working as a ski instructor is often considered a way of bringing together many exciting challenges which turn the ‘job’ into more of a hobby or recess. In particular, the mix of challenging pedagogical activity and self-determined life in a breathtaking landscape is already enough to catch the attention of many.

Invoicing for ski instructors - Debitoor

Bear in mind, the work itself is also exhausting. Ski instructors have to do find the balance between entertainment, and teaching. Often one of the most important topics in this industry is: safety. As a ski instructor you take on the responsibility of others safety, which can be quite the challenge with beginners in particular that tend to overestimate their abilities, and end up taking unnecessary risks.

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When life gives you lemons

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 11 October 2018 in General

When life gives you lemons: open up a lemonade shop, and use invoicing software to manage your accounting! Ok... not really, but hey if that's what you want to do then we support you all the way! Although that’s not exactly the topic of this article.

Work life balance - when life hands you lemons - Debitoor invoicing software

The topic we want to share with you today is about work-life balance, and how to find - and master - that harmony between the two. Because, let’s face it, sometimes life hands us lemons, and other times life throws us lemons at full speed, totally unexpected. That’s usually how things work these days, and we’ve gotten pretty used to expecting the unexpected.

Now down to the real stuff, what does “work-life balance” actually mean?

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Invoice template for nanny services

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 4 October 2018

If you are a freelance or self-employed nanny, or run a daycare business, you have a number of things to take into account when invoicing your customers.

crayons image for invoice templates nanny services blog

Just like many other businesses, once you have completed your service for a customer, the job is done and now it’s time to get paid. How do you get paid? You need to invoice your customers.

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How to avoid burning out in your workplace

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 2 October 2018 in General

No matter whether you are doing your dream job, or studying your favourite course, it is highly likely that at some point there will come a time when you are overworked, stressed, and ready to throw the towel in.

Debitoor invoicing how to avoid burning out

Often, during these times, we're so focused on getting the job done that we don't realise how close we are to burning out until we actually do! But there are ways to avoid getting to this point, and we’re going to tell you how.

We all know what it feels like to have a pile of work hanging over your head, and not enough time to get it done. Ever heard of the phrase ‘Skipping university to catch up on university you missed because you’ve skip too much university’? Well we have, and unless you’re Rainman and can do the impossible, you’re in for a downward spiral.

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Debitoor Stories: Eventastic

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 21 September 2018 in Testimonials

From working as head of mortgages department in a global bank, to starting Event Planning and Management businesses, meet Vimal Nathwani, Events Coordinator at Eventastic, and also a Debitoor user!

Debitoor invoicing for event planning

Read the interview below with Vimal Nathwani, and learn how doing what you love can make you do it even better! Vimal had a lot to share about his journey to becoming an event planner.

Each and every one of us have taken different paths to end up where we are today. Today you can hear about Vimal and the path of Eventastic, and also how Debitoor has helped this business get to where they are today.

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Invoicing for cleaning companies

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 12 September 2018 in General

If you are working in the cleaning business, then you have probably experienced that your work can be very seasonal dependant.

Debitoor invoicing for cleaning companies

You might find that the demand for your cleaning services can become very hectic at times during the summer months, and rather quiet during other periods.

As a result, it is important that you have a solid invoicing and accounting system in place to effectively manage your business finances all year round! Don't let your cleaning business fall into a messy system... that would just be ironic...

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