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New invoice numbers in 2018

We’re wrapping up the end of the year (and presents for the holiday season, most likely), and it’s a great time to start looking ahead to the new year and how this impacts on your invoicing.

Legally, it’s not necessary that your invoice numbers follow the calendar year, you can instead start at ‘1’ for each new year. The most important aspect of invoice numbers is that they follow a sequential order, without duplicates or gaps.

For your records, it might be helpful to use a more thorough invoice number that can help you see quickly which year/month your invoices are from - read more about our suggestions for custom invoice numbers.

With Debitoor invoicing software, starting a new invoice number series takes just a few clicks

How to set a new invoice number series in Debitoor

When your first sale comes in the new year, you can easily update your invoice number series with the creation of your first invoice in 2018. With Debitoor invoicing software this is fast and simple.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on your ‘Invoices’ tab and click the ‘New Invoice’ button
  2. In the ‘Invoice No.’ field, type in your selected invoice number for the new year. For example: 2018/PRO/001
  3. Click ‘Complete invoice’ to convert it to an official invoice and apply the new invoice number

The new number you have entered will automatically be applied to the next invoice you complete. In this instance, the next invoice would be: 2018/PRO/002. It’s as easy as that - update once and the system recognises your new number series.

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