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Quotes in invoicing - why they're important

When running a business, it’s not uncommon to receive an email, Facebook message, or voicemail asking about your product or services, usually from a potential customer. So you agree to send them a quotation. Simple enough.

However, this document is all too often underestimated. It can be the make-or-break for whether you receive the order or whether the customer decides to move on to a competitor. Invoicing software like Debitoor can help ensure you create professional quotes quickly and correctly.

Creating quotes is just as fast and simple as invoices with Debitoor invoicing software

1. What should be included in a quote?

Compared to invoicing, a quote does not need to adhere to strict legal requirements in order to ensure validity. However, it should typically include the following details to provide your customer with the necessary information:

  • An exact description of the product or service you’re offering
  • Price (gross or net format) and duration or quantity
  • Date of the quote and date of expiry
  • Notes for any Terms & Conditions
  • Payment terms and delivery information

2. Quick to respond with invoicing software

Replying quickly to customer enquiries with a detailed and well-structured quote will help you come across instantly as professional, reliable, and fast.

Invoicing & accounting software like Debitoor allows you to save customer and product details to your account, making creating a new quote as simple as selecting each from a menu and adjusting the quantity - the software autofills the rest.

You can then send the quote with just one click directly from your account. Your customer receives it to their email in a matter of moments, putting you ahead of the competition.

3. Pricing your quote

Whenever you create a new quote, it’s important to be aware of your prices. In the case of services especially, pricing can vary depending on the particular job.

Because of this, you should always keep in mind:

  • How your customers likely operate and how price-conscious they are
  • How the competition prices comparable jobs/products

The most important part of your prices, however, like any order, are your costs. Be sure to take into consideration the cost of your labour as well as any materials or supplies needed for the potential order.

Don’t forget: price is an important aspect of a successful quote, but it is not the only one. Deadlines, product/service quality, customer service, special knowledge or experience can all contribute to the customer’s decision.

4. Invoicing software = mistake-free quotes

Mistakes never look good but mistakes in a quote at the beginning of your contact with a customer can set the tone for the future of your business relationship.

Copying a previous quote in Word or Excel templates and simply adding in new details can easily lead to errors. But because invoicing software like Debitoor makes it so easy and fast to create a new quote, there’s no need to copy and wonder if you changed everything.

5. Design your quote with invoicing software

The information included in your quote is of course the most important aspect of your quote, but it’s also worthwhile to put some time into customising your quote to look beautiful and promote your brand.

Include your company logo, your own photos, and customise your colour-scheme, for example. Just like an invoice, this is a means to communicate your business image.

A good layout is also important for ensuring your quote is easy to read and allows your customer to see the crucial information at a glance. Debitoor’s design tools allow you to customise both your quotes and invoices.

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