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How to record income without an invoice

Invoicing software like Debitoor is used, as its name suggests, to create invoices. However, in Debitoor this does not mean that it is limited to only the creation and management of invoices.

Instead, all activities surrounding the invoicing process, including payments, as well as the other side of running a business: expenses.

Yes, you can register income not associated with an invoice in Debitoor invoicing & accounting software

But even when it comes to revenue, there are sometimes circumstances that do not require an invoice or perhaps uses a different type of documentation.

Revenue without invoices - how it works in invoicing software

In Debitoor, managing income that is not linked to an invoice is simple. The ‘Other Income’ function allows you to record this type of income easily in your account. You’ll find the ‘Other Income’ option under your ‘Invoices’ tab:

Enter other income easily under ‘Invoices’ in Debitoor invoicing software

You can enter details about the income as well as include attachments for reference. The category can also be selected, according to the type of income.

How to add payments from your card reader

We’ve recently added new options to the ‘Other Income’ categories that can be selected when you create a new other income payment:

Selecting the category for your other income takes a click with drop down menus in Debitoor invoicing software

So, if you’re working with a SumUp card reader, it just takes a click to choose the perfect category for your income, with no need for it to be directly associated with a previously recruited invoice. Online income from SumUp will automatically be registered in this section and in the corresponding account in ‘Banking’.

Alternatively, you can create invoices in Debitoor and match card reader payments directly :).

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