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Skype Convos: Kieran Harrod, freelance graphic designer

So, here's something new that I thought we'd try in order to get to know you better. I think that every one of Debitoor users has an interesting story to tell and an expert advice to share. To start it all off, I got in touch with Kieran Harrod, who uses Debitoor to invoice for his freelance graphic design business.

Watch the video above to learn more about Kieran, his design principles, invoicing for designers and get some basic tips on creating your own logo. What's his main design principle? "Less is more". Something that Debitoor can get behind.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a graphic designer? Add a creative touch to your invoices with the new and improved Invoice Designer.

Do you want to share something with other users too? Get in touch.

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on 14/08/2014
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Debitoor is now SumUp!

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