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Delete a customer or product list import

If you’re just starting out with your business, you might be starting with a few customers and products that can be added as you go. These lists can grow rapidly and you may find yourself with lists of new customers or products that need to be added fast.

For both current users and new Debitoor users, we’ve made it simple to add your customer and product details quickly to your account. The customer, product and supplier import function has aimed to make this process nearly instantaneous.

Once they're in your account, you can then add them to your invoice templates instantly by selecting them from the drop down menu.

Add new products or customers to invoices fast by importing your lists to your Debitoor account

Importing your lists to Debitoor

A little while back, we added a great new feature: easy importing of an Excel or .csv list containing the details of your customers, products or suppliers. It works with just a few clicks and allows you to add this information almost instantaneously, without the tedious task of going through to add each and every one individually.

It’s also possible to import customer information on the Debitoor mobile app, direct from your contact list on your smartphone, which speeds up the creation of your invoices and lets you focus on running your business.

Either way, we’ve made it as simple as possible to add the information you need, fast. Between product details and customer contact information, you can be creating new invoices in a matter of moments. Find out how in our short tutorial: ‘Import Excel customer, product, and supplier lists’.

Deleting an import

Sometimes, for some reason or another, you might find that you’ve accidentally imported multiples of the same customer or product, or that you’ve imported an entire list twice. We’ve been contacted by users to whom this has happened, with product list of literally hundreds of products.

Now it’s possible to essentially ‘Undo’ these imports quickly and easily, without the need to go through each and every entry in your lists. Here’s how:

  • Go to your ‘Contacts’ or ‘Products’ tab, depending on where the import is that you’d like to remove
  • Click the ‘Import’ button
  • A new window will appear, at the bottom of which, you’ll see an option to delete imports:

Delete an import group by clicking the text at the bottom of the 'import' window

  • Click this text, and use the drop down window to select the import group that you wish to remove from your account
  • Click ‘Confirm’ and the entries will disappear from your list. Simple as that!

Select the import group to remove and click 'Confirm'

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