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New filtering options available for your quotes

Your quotes tab as just got a new update! You can now add filters to your quotes, making it easier for you to organise your documents and save you precious time. This post takes a look at what these new filters are and how you can use them to keep a better handle on your quotations.

You can now add filters to your quotes in Debitoor invoicing software

Where can you find the new quotes filters?

Now, whenever you open your ‘Quotes’ tab to see the list of quotes you have created, you will see in the top right corner a ‘Filter’ button. Simply click this and you’ll open the drop-down menu where you can select what filters you want to apply. It works in just the same way as when you want to filter your invoices.

What are the new filters you can apply to your quotes?

There are 6 different statuses of quotes that you can use to filter your list. These are:

  • Draft: Filter only for those quotes you haven’t yet finished.
  • Completed: Find the quotes you have finished but are yet to send to your customers.
  • Sent: Check which quotes you have sent to your customers, but which haven’t yet been viewed or otherwise responded to.
  • Accepted: See which quotes your customers have chosen to go with.
  • Invoiced: Search for quotes that have been accepted by your customers and already converted into invoices. You’ll be able to find these quotes as invoices in the invoices tab.
  • Viewed: Keep track of quotes that you have sent to your customers and have seen, but haven’t yet been agreed to.

There are 6 different statuses of quotes that you can use to filter your list. These are ‘Completed’, ‘Sent’, ‘Accepted’, ‘Invoiced’, and ‘Viewed’

It’s also possible to filter your quotes by date. Simply set the date parameters to pare down your list of quotes and make it more manageable. It’s important to remember that when you’re filtering your quotes by date, you’re filtering them by the date that they were created, and not the date that they’re valid until.

How can you use the filters to optimise your work?

If you always find yourself applying the same filters to your quotes, you can save these filters as default. Once you’ve added the filters you want, simply click ‘Save’ so that they’re automatically applied in the future. They will be marked in dark blue. If you want to turn them off at any point, just click the ‘X’ next to each applied filter to revert to your whole list.

One of the biggest challenges that face a lot of businesses is getting their quotes accepted. By being able to filter for quotes that have only been ‘Sent’ or ‘Viewed’ by a customer, you can quickly see who you need to chase up to see if they would like to move forward.

Filtering for those quotes with a status of ‘Sent’ can be particularly valuable, as it’s always possible the customer simply missed your mail. By applying a simple filter and following up, you may find you can easily get more work.

If a customer later complains about a price of a service or a product you provide and you have already supplied them with a quote, filtering by date can be a very fast way to check your documents. This can come in especially handy if you have a customer on the phone who expects an answer immediately. A speedy response with the help of filters will always look professional.

The new quotes filters – A summary

If you send a lot of quotes, being able to filter them by their status and date will simplify your lists and save you time. These filters can be applied as default if you want and changed at any time.

And as always, you can contact our support for any questions you may have.

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