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Invoice history at your fingertips

Creating and sending invoices can quickly become time consuming and disorganised. It’s therefore important to stay on top of the status of each of your invoices. As we’ve covered in previous blogposts, doing so with Word or Excel invoice templates can quickly become unmanageable.

But it’s something that can be important to keep an eye on, both for ensuring you’re receiving payment for your business and for maintaining good records for the tax authorities. Not to mention reducing the clutter on your computer or your files.

No more cluttered computer files or paper files. Debitoor invoicing software helps you keep track of your invoices easily

Online invoicing software and your invoices

Invoicing software like Debitoor focuses on helping you maintain a fast way not only to sort through your invoices, but also to be able to instantly grasp their status, update them as appropriate, and know as soon as your customer has viewed your invoice.

Invoice status Each invoice you create is marked by status in your invoice list. This means that a draft or proforma invoice will show up as ‘Draft’, a sent but unpaid invoice will be marked as ‘Sent’, an invoice that has been viewed by your customer but for which a payment has not yet been made is ‘Unpaid’. Once payment is entered, it changes to ‘Partial’ or ‘Paid’.

Overdue payments Based on the due date you enter when creating the invoice, if the due date is exceeded and no payment has been entered, the date will appear in red with a bold underline. When this happens, you can easily send a reminder in just a few clicks.

Notified when your invoice is viewed Debitoor offers a useful tool for helping you to keep track of sent invoices: you are notified within your account when a customer views an invoice that you have sent. Helping prevent communication issues or to quickly quell any claims that an invoice was not received.

Communication linked to invoice When your customer replies to your invoice, you’ll receive the message right there, alongside the original invoice. You can then reply directly, allowing you to keep track of the conversation with the invoice right there for reference.

Full history for each invoice In Debitoor, not only can you access the communication regarding the invoice, but also the full history of the invoice, including:

  • The date the invoice was sent
  • The email address to which the invoice was sent
  • The date the invoice was viewed by the customer
  • The date of any changes to the invoice
  • The date a reminder letter was sent
  • The date a credit note was issued

Allowing you to keep track of all the details you need pertaining to a particular invoice, all in one place.

Where to find your invoice history

For each invoice you have created in Debitoor, you will find its unique history by scrolling down underneath the invoice. Here you can see when it was created and sent, to whom it was sent, whether it was viewed, and what kind of follow-up has happened.

The history of each invoice created in Debitoor invoicing software is available: just scroll down

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