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Invoices and quotes with attachments!

They’ve done it again! Our developers are on a roll recently, releasing another great new addition to Debitoor accounting & invoicing software. As the title of this blogpost has already given away:

You can now attach documents to send along with your invoices and quotations!

Quotes and invoices can now be sent with attachments in your Debitoor invoicing software account.

Send with invoices & quotes

It’s one of the most popular requests from our users and we’re excited to be able to offer the option to include other documents to attach when you send an invoice or quote. Why is it so popular? Because it provides many more options and opportunity for further customisation of your communication with your customers.

Here are just a few ways that attaching documents to quotes and/or invoices can help with your sales process:

No more questions about your invoices

The new attachment feature means that you can include additional documentation such as payment terms, delivery details, or add copies of documents needed in the sale.

By including these with your invoice, you can provide your customer with all of the information they need to understand the sale, make a timely payment, and reduce any potential back-and-forth with extra questions.

Make your quote more persuasive

You can also, for example, add a price list for all your services or products to your quote. Or perhaps sample photos. Sketches. A portfolio. Things that could be additionally interesting to your customer.

Essentially, you are free to include anything that presents your customer with the best image of your business. This allows you to make a more appealing offer to your customer.

How to add attachments

Before the release of this feature, attachments would have to be added by you, from your email, separate from your invoice (unless of course, you downloaded the PDF and also attached from your email...but then you don’t receive the read notifications and don’t have the full invoice history).

Now, you can simply create an invoice or quote in Debitoor as usual:

Adding attachments to your invoices is now possible with Debitoor invoicing software.

And when you scroll down to the bottom of your invoice template, you’ll see a new section where you can either drag & drop or select files to upload that will be attached and sent with your invoice.

When you send your invoice from Debitoor, any files you upload will be sent along with it.

*Note that it is not possible to attach documents larger than 20MB. You can upload any type of file, but keep in mind that files that can be potentially harmful could be blocked by the email server (for example, exe files).

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