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Looking for simple invoicing software?

When you’re running a business, you quickly realise just how important it is to manage your invoicing. No matter the size of your company, each invoice is a crucial document for both your your business organisation and your financial records.

At first, creating and sending invoices to your customers could be a bit tedious. While it might seem like it’s simpler to even write them out by hand rather than bothering with specialty software, it could also cause customers to question your professionalism. In this day-and-age, online invoices are a quick and easy option for all businesses.

Simple invoicing software in the UK is available online and provides up-to-date invoice templates that provide all of the fields necessary to ensure that your invoice complies with all of the legal requirements for an invoice, as well as some other added benefits that we’ll cover in more detail below.

It's true! There is simple online software for managing your invoicing and accounting. Enter Debitoor.

What about Word or Excel invoice templates?

Arguably considered in the ‘old-reliable’ category, Word and Excel both offer a wide variety of invoice templates. A quick Google search yields hundreds of thousands of results. While there are many options, the downsides of using these templates hardly make up for the relative convenience.

Using an invoice template through Word or Excel can result in some errors that would be easily avoidable with invoicing software. Errors can lead to complications with an order, credit notes, re-issued invoices, cancellations, and refunds. It’s always best to be preventative when possible, but Word and Excel invoice templates don’t provide any kind of protection against, for example:

  • Missing required information (due to local requirements or new regulations, for example)
  • Incorrectly calculated VAT
  • Invoice number gaps or repeats
  • Incorrect subtotals or totals

How simple invoicing software can help

While the term ‘invoicing and accounting software’ can sound a bit intimidating and something more suited to an accountant, there are some today, like Debitoor, that are designed specifically for freelancers and small businesses, and for individuals without any previous experience with invoicing or accounting.

This type of software aims to give you the tools you need to help you run your business, and are built to grow with it. It is designed to be uncomplicated and focuses on the ease-of-use without compromising on the quality.

With invoice templates in Debitoor, it takes less than a minute to create and send a new invoice. All of your company, customer, and product details can be saved to your account so that it can be selected from easy drop-down menus in each new invoice.

Simple from every device

Unlike Word and Excel, online invoicing software can be used on any device. For example, with the free and inuative Debitoor Android app and Debitoor iOS app,you can create and send invoices from your smartphone or tablet just as easily as if you were at home on your computer.

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