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Protect your account with Touch ID

Invoicing and accounting is important to every freelancer and small business owner, and ensuring that your data is secure is often a top concern for those working with online software.

It’s generally safe to say that for most, their mobile phones would also fall into this category. Today, our mobiles carry more than just the names and numbers of our contacts - it can sometimes feel like we carry our lives around on our phones, especially in the case of entrepreneurs.

Your mobile is probably protect by a PIN or passcode. But what happens if your kids get ahold of your phone, or if it’s misplaced. Worse yet, what happens if it is stolen?

Setting up Touch ID for your Debitoor account takes just 3 taps

How to keep your data secure

A somewhat complicated question. Especially in a time when it seems like there’s a new leak or hacking taking place on one major business or another. While there’s not much that we can do personally for those businesses, there are steps we can take to prevent others from accidentally or intentionally accessing our data.

Your accounting and invoicing software is no exception. At Debitoor, the security of your information is a top priority, which is why our mobile development team has worked hard to release the latest in ease-of-use and security for your account: Touch ID for our iOS app for iPhone.

Some of you might ask ‘Touch ID…what is Touch ID, again?’. Touch ID is the ability to unlock your device or access your mobile app accounts using your fingerprint, making your account safer than ever.

Enabling Touch ID on your Debitoor mobile app

First, if you’re working with an iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6 or later, you will need to activate your Touch ID in your phone, which can be done in your settings:

  • Tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Touch ID’
  • Enter your passcode or PIN
  • Tap ‘Add fingerprint’
  • Place your finger on the Home button until you feel your phone vibrate

You will need to follow the prompts, placing your finger in different positions so that it can be accurately read by your phone for use in device security.

Once you have Touch ID set up in your phone, open your Debitoor mobile app and tap the ellipsis ‘...’ and scroll down to ‘Security’ where you will see the option to ‘Log in with Touch ID’.

An added level of security to Debitoor invoicing software with Touch ID

How Touch ID works with your Debitoor app

To protect your company’s invoicing and accounting details, we’ve implemented fingerprint recognition for your Debitoor account. In this way, you can now use your finger to launch your Debitoor iOS app.

Once you’ve enabled Touch ID in your Debitoor account, you’ll be asked for your fingerprint each time you open the mobile app in order to unlock your account. This will then be the only way to access your account (but not to worry, you can always disable it if you wish).

If you leave your app open and running in the background for more than 10 seconds, you will be prompted to apply your fingerprint again to unlock.

Do you have an iPhone but haven’t yet tried our new mobile app for invoicing? If so, you can download it now for free by visiting the App Store, and sign in with your existing account details.

While storing important details in the cloud might seem risky, this could not be less true. And with Touch ID, we’ve provided an added level of security by introducing Touch ID to your invoicing and accounting software.

You might be wondering what happens to your fingerprint - it is not stored by Debitoor or by Apple, but is instead used only in your device. It is measured and converted to mathematical measurements, allowing your iPhone to identify it as uniquely and solely yours.

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