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A new way to invoice: recurring invoices

Here at Debitoor, we believe it’s important to listen to our users. All feedback is gathered, saved, and applied to improving the software to meet the needs of the freelancers and small businesses that manage their invoicing and accounting with Debitoor.

Recurring invoicing is now possible with Debitoor invoicing software. Try it now

Invoicing is an essential part of any business, which is why we have aimed to create a way to create, send, and manage invoices easily and professionally. Not to mention fast. Our invoice templates and mobile app allow you to do just that - from anywhere.

With the release of recurring invoices, we take easy invoicing to a new level. We’ve made it possible to automate the creation and sending of invoices, making the process between billing your customer and getting paid even easier.

What is recurring invoicing?

An invoice is considered recurring when the same details are used on the invoice (the same product or service), sent to the same customer at regular intervals.

Businesses that create the same invoice regularly can include marketing, web maintenance or hosting, rental services, consulting for marketing or SEO, and subscription-based business models, just to name a few.

For example, if you are a consultant for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you’re likely checking up on the same websites for the same clients each month. Instead of remembering when to bill each one, you can set up your invoices to send out automatically, on the schedule you set. For all of them.

Why use recurring invoices?

The recurring invoicing function offers you the option to create one invoice (or use an existing invoice created previously) to start sending out invoices to customers on a regular schedule.

Instead of having to create or copy the same invoice each week/month/2 months and sending it manually, you can now create it just once and it will send to your customer(s). Not only does it save you considerable time, it also removes that tedious aspect that becomes a pain with repeat invoices.

How to set up recurring invoicing in Debitoor

Sounds like a great solution for your repeat invoices? You can get started with recurring invoicing now in your Debitoor account. Here’s how:

Log in to your Debitoor account Go to your ‘Invoices’ tab and you’ll see the new ‘Recurring’ tab - click it! Click the blue ‘New Recurring Invoice’ button

Your recurring invoices tab is found under your 'Invoices' tab in your Debitoor invoicing software account

Set the start date, frequency the invoices should send, and the customer email Fill in the invoice details Click ‘Save’

Once you’ve saved, you’ll have a chance to review the recurring invoice details before you start sending. If everything looks good, click ‘Start’ to launch your first recurring invoices!

Editing, Pausing, Stopping recurring invoices

You might find that your orders change over time. Maybe you raise your prices or your customer makes a change to their regular order. In that case, you can edit your recurring invoices easily by clicking on the invoice under your recurring invoice list and clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

Sometimes recurring invoicing needs to skip a month or two, let’s say your customer is out of town. In that case you can easily pause the creation and sending of the recurring invoices by opening them in your recurring invoice list and clicking ‘Pause’. You’ll see the status changes in your invoice set up.

If you need to stop the recurring invoice altogether, you can delete them at any time. Note that this will only remove them from the recurring set up, it will not delete any invoices already sent via recurring invoicing.

Setting up recurring invoices is simple in Debitoor invoicing software

Like your invoice list, we’ve made it easy to see the status of your recurring invoices at a glance in your invoice list: whether they’re Active or Paused.

Invoicing made easier

If you have repeat customers with the same, regular order, give recurring invoicing a try. We’ve designed it to work for you, so that you can spend more time working on the things you love.

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