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The advantages of invoicing from your mobile

There are many trades and professions that appeal to the modern nomad and wanderer. I’m not just talking about the trendy digital nomads, but also more traditional occupations: car service providers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, and more.

In these trades, invoicing is just as important as in other types of business, yet can be decidedly more complicated due to the mobile nature of the work.


So how do you manage your invoicing?

Because many self-employed and entrepreneurs need to create and register invoices all in the same place, this shouldn’t be some kind of wish for the future, with the technology of today it should be a tool that is at your fingertips.

So what’s the solution? Well, you probably carry it in your pocket or bag every day and feel a bit lost without it: your mobile phone. With a smartphone and mobile app, you can create an online invoice in less than a minute.

The benefits of invoicing from your mobile

Some invoice software is offered in the cloud, and have a free mobile app available for your iPhone or Android device. Debitoor is one them, with the Debitoor iOS app and Debitoor Android app.

This is a breakthrough for the inherently mobile professions (and for those who prefer to work on the road), but it also provides those in work that is more stationary with an opportunity to get your bum up off the chair.

Get up and about and still manage your invoicing as well as other aspects of your business with tools like:

  • Invoice templates. More than the typical Word and Excel invoice templates, with Debitoor, you have the ability to create professional looking invoices in moments from any device and ensure you don’t miss any of the important information.
  • Management of expenses. With the Debitoor mobile app, you can snap a photo of your receipts and record the expense directly from your phone.
  • Customer and product lists. Check the contact details and order history of your customers or the price of a particular product fast.
  • Tracking payments. How many sales have you made this month? How many expenses? How many overdue or unpaid invoices? Now you can look them over with a cup of tea at your local cafe.
  • Send quotes and delivery notes. What to do when your customer requests a quote in the middle of a meeting? Why wait to send it later from your computer when you can take care of it then and there. The same goes for delivery notes.
  • More independence and increased efficiency. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business from anywhere, with just your mobile. Which also translates to improved efficiency in your workflow: no need to delay important tasks, you can handle them right away.
  • Less paperwork. Retire the tattered, antiquated journal. And stop collecting your paper receipts to stash away in an ever-growing pile to dread at the end of the fiscal year. With a mobile app you can toss them in the bin as soon as you’ve snapped a shot.
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