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An invoice template for any business situation

We’ve written several times already on the importance of using a professional invoice template to ensure that your invoicing is professional and legal. Today we address the topic of flexibility, because a good invoice template should be customisable for any business dealings.

Invoice templates should make it easy. Find out how with Debitoor invoicing software

Small business? Adjust VAT application

Small companies that are either not VAT registered, or fall within a special VAT rate depending on the industry of their business. In some situations when creating invoices, it might be necessary to turn on or off VAT.

In Debitoor invoicing software, you can decide on each invoice whether to apply VAT as well as which rate applies, all with just a couple of clicks. And the correct calculations are done automatically, right there in your invoice template.

Paint it black: change the design

Maybe you’re tired of your current invoice design and want to change things up. Or perhaps you’ve updated your company logo. Your invoice template should take these possibilities into account and make sure they’re easily done with your invoicing software.

In all but Debitoor’s smallest plan, you can change the design of your invoices or add a new logo and see it applied instantly, easily switching between designs, including fonts and colours, in order to find the one that best suits your business without the need to format automatically.

Quantities, units, prices, discounts: the right template has them all

Flexibility should also be taken into consideration when it comes to the invoicing and accounting options for your products or service.

If you use invoice templates in an invoicing software like Debitoor, you can change these details quickly using easy drop down menus. And it you change prices, the new totals will automatically be calculated.

Customer abroad? Change currency with a click

If you’re working with customers abroad, creating an invoice in the currency of your customer not only provides a professional touch but can also help prevent communication issues. Need to raise an invoice in Euros? Maybe in Yen?

It can be a hassle to go researching current currency exchange rates, invoice templates on online invoicing software take into account the exchange rate then and there in your account. Simply select the currency you need and the exchange rate will be displayed.

Professional templates: discounts calculated automatically

If you offer your customers discounts for early payment, or repeat business, for example, calculating and applying a discount can get tedious - where does it go on the invoice? How is it applied with the VAT? In Debitoor, if you apply a discount on your invoice template, the amount will be calculated automatically, and will appear where it should be, clearly indicated on your invoice and taken into account for the total.

Invoices in Spanish, German, French and many other languages

I’ve already talked about how easy it is to change the currency on your invoices, but the ability to change the language of your invoice is another element that could add to your professionalism and contribute to a better working relationship with a customer abroad, for example.

With online invoice software like Debitoor, you can simply select from a drop down menu of a total of 12 languages, that will translate your invoice instantly and automatically. From Italian to Swedish, Catalan to Faroese.

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