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How to invoice your customers successfully

Invoicing is a powerful communication tool between you and your customers. And yet, there is still a tendency to underestimate the importance of an invoice and not put much effort into them beyond getting the prices right.

But by doing this, freelancers and small business owners are passing up an opportunity to promote their brand and give their invoices a personal touch to bring them closer to their customers.


The basis of a successful business relationship rests not only on providing a quality product or service, but also on offering a professional and individual experience to the customer that can break through formal business barriers to establish strong communication and understanding.

Treating a customer not as a faceless entity but as an actual person is an approach that can sometimes be overlooked in the business world in favour of coming across as a consummate professional. But the two need not be mutually exclusive.

Give your invoice templates a personal touch by designing them to express your unique brand and business, and make the most of this document that is a large part of your business connection with your customers.

We’ve talked about why it’s important to design your invoices, but just to recap:

  • Invoice design can act as an additional marketing tool to promote your business and help you to stand out from the competition. It’s more than just a business document.

*It’s worth mentioning that online invoice software like Debitoor makes it easy to customise your invoice design by adding your logo, your own photos, and selecting your colour-scheme.

How to improve invoice communication with your customers

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it: good communication is the base of all good relationships. It’s no different in business. And in the long run, having good business relationships with your customers is mutually beneficial.

Good communication prevents misunderstandings, especially with orders/services provided. In our aim to help you improve your communication with your customers, Debitoor offers a chat service right there within your invoices.


In this chat, your customer can respond directly to the invoice, you can reply, and you will see the full conversation alongside the online invoice. This allows you to communicate with your customer quickly and efficiently to resolve any questions or issues easily.

This helps remove possible barriers to communication and lets the conversation flow uninterrupted. By offering your customer this simple solution, you provide a personalised but professional experience. All through your invoices.

Give Debitoor a try to see how easy it is to improve communication with your customers.

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