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How to create invoices on a Mac

Aside from an impressive collection of inspiring speeches and an increase in the sales of black turtlenecks, Steve Jobs also left us with an array of some great products; the Macbook being the standout.

But with their reliable operating system and user-friendly interface, Macbooks have also traditionally been known for having some different specifications when it comes to software. The question for entrepreneurs is: does this affect your invoicing?

No more incompatibility issues with online invoice software like Debitoor

Programmes exclusively for Mac

Most Macbooks come with a programme called ‘Pages’, which is similar to Word. In it, you’ll find invoice templates where you can simply replace the standard text with your details to create an invoice.

Mac computers also generally feature a programme called Numbers, which is not dissimilar to Excel. While it’s (clearly) more numbers-based than word-processing programmes, it also provides invoice templates that can be filled in for invoicing.

Other invoicing programmes

The well-known fallbacks Word and Excel can also be used on a Mac. These offer an endless number of invoices templates, especially if you’re willing to do some independent searching online. But while these might seem free, most people end up paying for Microsoft Office programmes - whether it’s the significant one-time payment, or a monthly subscription.

Pages and Numbers aren’t quite as complete as Word and Excel, so if you’re paying for a subscription, keep in mind that you can use invoice templates on these programmes as well.

Google now also offers a variety of online solutions including Google Drive and Google Sheets, where you can create Word and Excel-type documents easily with just a Gmail account. This alternative gives you the option to create, save, and edit invoices right in the cloud.

But it’s not the only cloud-based solution.

Debitoor is also for Mac

Another option is to use online invoice software like Debitoor. Because it’s also cloud-based, you can access, create, edit, and send invoices at any time, from any device. You no longer need to save your invoices to your hard drive, eliminating any risk of incompatible software that needs to be downloaded and installed.

In contrast, the Debitoor interface is the exact same, no matter what kind of computer you use to access your account. Debitoor invoicing software works on all operating systems, whether it’s Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Simply open your browser and get started!

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