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Invoicing software for photographers

As professional photographer, you likely charge your customers based on different criteria - maybe hourly, maybe based on the type of shoot, based on what kind of equipment you need, etc. You might even offer package deals for certain events: weddings, reunions and company portraits, for example.

Invoicing software that works for you means flexible invoice templates like those in Debitoor

It’s therefore important that your invoicing software works with your business. Meaning that it is just as flexible and can be adapted for any type of job you might encounter. But let’s be more specific: here’s what your accounting and invoicing software should do:

A professional invoice template

Arguably the most important thing when it comes to your sales process: a professional invoice. What this means is that your invoice template meets all of the requirements of a legal invoice, ensuring you don’t miss crucial information. As a photographer, your invoices should all include:

  • Your contact details (your name and address)
  • Contact details of your customer
  • Your VAT number (if applicable)
  • A unique invoice number that falls into your numbering sequence
  • The date of issue
  • A description of your service and the unit and price
  • The subtotal, VAT, and total

While a due date is not mandatory, we do suggest including a due date in every invoice you raise, as it can greatly improve communication with customers and help you get paid faster.

If you’re not VAT registered, your invoicing software should accommodate this. In Debitoor, you can turn off/on VAT for your entire account.

Invoicing software with customer & product lists

As a photographer and freelancer, you should be invoicing your customers for your services. This shouldn’t be a painstaking process however, entering your service details and the customer information each and every time.

Good invoicing software will allow you to save details about specific services you offer as well as customer information, which means you can quickly select these from easy drop down menus in your invoice template.

Invoicing software with discount options

For some services, it can be useful to provide special discounts in periods of low turnover. However, you might also consider offering vouchers - for example for professional portraits.

An accounting and invoicing software should consider these possibilities when it comes to your invoicing. Cash discounts can also serve a useful function by giving your customers an incentive to pay quickly.

Invoice design in your invoice template

Your photography is your art. And your invoices should be able to reflect this creative side of your profession. Invoicing software for photographers should give you freedom to create personalised invoices.

Good invoicing software like Debitoor will allow you to not only upload your logo to your invoices, but also to customise your font, background colours, and layout to suit your unique brand and tastes.

Invoicing & accounting all online

Writing invoices is a necessary process but is one that shouldn’t cause headaches or frustration. It can therefore be incredibly useful to use online invoices - to raise invoices on invoicing software that is cloud-based makes this process faster and simpler than ever before.

There’s no more need to send invoices by post - you can send them direct from your computer. You’re also no longer tied to your computer with online invoice software: mobile apps like Debitoor’s allow you to manage invoices and expenses while on-the-go, straight from your mobile or tablet.

Debitoor: invoicing & accounting for photographers

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when selecting invoicing & accounting software that’s right for your photography business. Choosing Debitoor makes this decision an easy one: it offers all of the features mentioned above, combined with a beautiful, intuitive interface that is designed for entrepreneurs like you.

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