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Say farewell to paper with accounting & invoicing software

You’re probably familiar with the following situation: crumpled receipts in your pockets, a stack of papers on your desk and unopened bills in your drawer. With all that paperwork, what’s the best way to stay on top of your business as an entrepreneur?

Accounting and invoicing software like Debitoor allows you to store and manage all of that paperwork, without the paperwork: in the cloud. Online software gives you the tools to keep track of your invoicing, expenses, and receipts, all in one place, uncluttered.

No more piles of papers - use online accounting and invoicing software like Debitoor to stay organised

Invoicing software for paperless invoices

You’ve probably tried creating invoices with Word or Excel invoice templates. Then printed, signed and posted those invoices to your customer. If not done daily, this stack of envelopes could grow and quickly turn into clutter.

Fortunately, you can save yourself the hassle and spending money on paper & postage (not to mention printer ink cartridges) by creating your invoices using invoicing software and e-mailing them directly to your customer, instantly.

Most customer are pleased to receive invoices via email, instead of having to deal with their own stack of paperwork.

Stay on top of payments

Accounting & invoicing software like Debitoor also gives you the tools you need to manage payments as you receive them, automating the process as much as possible. You can upload your bank statement and each payment will automatically be matched to the corresponding invoice or expense.

If you activate an online payment option such as PayPal, payments you receive from customers will also be automatically matched to the invoice you’ve sent them from your Debitoor account.

Manage supplier invoices and expenses

In addition to incoming payments from customers, you can also register and record invoices you receive from your suppliers as well as the costs of running your business - even when you’re on the road!

To do so download the Debitoor mobile app for Android or iPhone, and the next time you need to record an expense for your business, just snap a photo of your receipt, include a few details, and it’s added to your account. No more lost receipts or unorganised shoeboxes. You can also upload an invoice from a supplier and enter payments.

Generate reports when you need them

With accounting and invoicing software, you can stay on top of all aspects of your business accounts. This means that when you need to take a closer look, you can quickly generate a financial report such as your profit & loss statement, balance sheet, or VAT.

Because your software already has all of your relevant data, It’s easy for you to quickly create a report and use this when it comes time to work with your accountant and fill out your Self Assessment and VAT return.

Farewell to paperwork, hello convenience

As you can see, accounting and invoicing software like Debitoor not only helps prevent unnecessary paperwork, it also makes it easier for you to stay on top of the financial health of your business from anywhere, at any time.

It also makes it faster and easier to collaborate with an accountant, to ensure that the fiscal side of your company is running smoothly and the reports allow you to see quickly just how well your business is doing.

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