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Where can I find blank invoices?

You’ve already achieved a lot. Starting a new business certainly comes with a distinct set of challenges and obstacles. So founding a company is truly an accomplishment. It’s your ideas, put into action.

And now you need to start issuing invoices. Your invoice should meet the legal requirements of your location and industry, should be professional-looking, and should include all the important information clearly.

If you haven’t created an invoice before, a blank invoice can be a big help. These provide the necessary fields that must be filled out, ensuring that you include all the information that is important for your invoice.

But when it comes to filling in information on a blank invoice form, there are a few different options…

Creating professional-looking invoices should be fast and simple. Debitoor makes it easy.

Paper invoice forms

Yes, these can still be found in office supply stores. Paper invoice forms where you can quickly write your details in by hand. Old school? Definitely. The easiest and most effective? Probably not.

Plus, it limits you to sending invoices via the post or handing them over in person. And big pads of paper are arguably somewhat cumbersome to carry around if you’re in a more mobile profession.

Word invoice templates

If you type ‘Invoice form’ into your Google search bar, your results will present you with many, often free options. In Word.

While it may seem like a great option, there is a major disadvantage to Word invoice templates: you will need to organise and manage your invoice numbers yourself, as well as develop a system to keep track of unpaid and overdue payments.

In addition, you need to type in your customer and product details each time, increasing the chance of error.

Invoice templates 2.0

Invoicing software like Debitoor offers an incredibly easy way to create and send an invoice. You can save all of your important details to your account, so each time you create a new invoice, these fill in automatically when selected.

Any changes to the legal requirements of the invoice are updated immediately, which means you don’t need to spend time researching the latest regulations.

You also have an overview of your invoices at any time, and can send a reminder to your customer in just a few clicks if an invoice payment is overdue.

And you never need worry about looking professional. Our standard invoice is classic and clean, and our invoice designer lets you add a custom touch effortlessly, even without a design background.

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