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Which invoice design should I use?

In previous blogposts, we’ve covered the importance of customising your invoices - making them stand out amongst the competition by ensuring they are professional but still represent your business’s unique brand.

With Debitoor invoice software, it's easy to design invoice templates to suit your business

Today, we’ll take a look more specifically at just a few of the options available for your invoice layout in Debitoor’s invoice designer.

Which invoice design best suits my company?

The first questions you should ask when deciding on an invoice design include: What is the purpose of my business and which industry does it fall in? Who are my customers? And how can all of these aspects be taken into consideration when choosing your invoice design?

If you’re a photographer, for example, your invoice design will likely look very different from that created by a business consultant. But in the end, it’s important to choose a professional invoice template and stay consistent.

‘Classic’ invoice

You really can’t go wrong with a classic, clear, professional invoice design. It’s always a safe choice when you’re unsure, haven’t yet developed a clear brand, or are just getting started.

  • A classic invoice design is characterised by the following:
  • Common fonts such as Arial, Verdana, or Calibri
  • Standard font colours such as black or dark blue
  • Classic colour scheme with contrasting backgrounds for important accounting lines
  • Use of simple graphics such as tables

This invoice layout is suitable for: All

The classic invoice design in Debitoor invoice templates

‘Simple’ invoice

If you prefer a minimal and simple approach, you can try the ‘Elegant’ template in Debitoor invoicing software. This design affects mainly the font, colour, and graphic components of an invoice.

  • A simple invoice has the following features:
  • Fonts such as Helvetica or Open Sans
  • Plain font colours such as black or dark grey
  • Reduced colour/muted colour
  • No graphic elements

This invoice template is particularly well suited to:

  • Consulting
  • Banking and financial services
  • Auditing and tax
  • Public services, associations, organisations
  • Insurance

A simple invoice design in Debitoor invoicing software

‘Creative’ invoice

If a classic invoice template looks a little too plain to you, not to worry. Debitoor offers several options for raising more creative and colourful invoices through our invoice designer.

  • Creative invoices can generally include:
  • More original fonts like Indie Flower or Gloria Hallelujah
  • Unusual font colours such as red, green, or violet
  • Eye-catching background colours or images
  • Notable graphic elements such as banners

A creative invoice template works particularly well with:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Marketing, PR and design
  • Tourism and recreational activities
  • Consumer goods
  • Media

A creative invoice design with Debitoor invoicing templates

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