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Why the best invoice templates aren’t free

If you’re searching for invoice templates, you’ve likely found plenty of options. From the old-school templates that look more like stationary, to the typical built-in Word & Excel invoicing templates.


Some of these are free of charge. But how come the free versions never quite seem to fit the bill? Here are a few good reasons to use paid invoice templates:

1. Your invoice will always be up-to-date

If you use an invoice template, it should always adhere to the latest legal requirements. Both for trade within your country and if you’re operating across borders. This means extra work for the creators of the invoice template, which is why these versions aren’t typically free.

But with a small price comes peace of mind, and assurance that you won’t be receiving any uncomfortable calls from the tax authorities.

2. Paid invoice templates have more features

An invoice template should save you effort. A good invoice template should be user-friendly, and guide you quickly through entering the necessary information.

The optimal invoice template should include:

Behind these kind of useful features is a considerable amount of development work and monitoring to ensure they’re always up-to-date. A good invoice template is well thought-through and designed to provide a good experience for the user.

3. First impressions are important - even with your invoices!

A good invoice template should do more than just make sure you include the important details. As a professional, coming across as professional is a crucial part of building business success.

Your invoices should help you with your professional approach.

A good invoice offers you the ability to customise and design your invoice to fit your needs and also express your brand. Helping you come across as professional and stand out to your customers.

4. More than just an invoice template

Now comes the icing on the cake. As an entrepreneur, invoice templates are important. But you’ll likely find you need a bit more than just invoicing: reminders, quotes, delivery notes, etc. are all useful in running a business.

In the case of a good invoice template, these functions are linked. Create a quote and once accepted by the customer, convert it easily to a completed invoice. Once completed, quickly add a delivery note or issue a reminder. All in just a few clicks.

Behind these processes are the people working to make this a fast and easy experience. This is why a good invoice template comes usually comes with a price tag.

A good invoice template really is more than just an invoice template. A good invoice template saves you time and hassle, ensures your invoices meet the requirements, and helps you come across as professional.

With Debitoor invoicing software, you get all of these functions in easy-to-use software. Built for freelancers and small businesses, Debitoor offers you great invoice templates at an affordable price.

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