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5 reasons to use invoicing software instead of writing by hand

As a creative soul, I certainly appreciate the craft that goes into handmade things. I admit that I was adamantly against e-readers for a long time, preferring the feel of an actual book in my hands.

However, I have to say that technology has brought some advantages. It provides a level of convenience that is difficult to deny. And convenience often means a reduction of stress - something that we can all use, especially when running a business.

As an entrepreneur, time is money, so why spend extra time adding complication to your life by writing out invoices by hand? We know there’s a better way, so we share five way that invoicing software is a big improvement over writing out invoices by hand. Even for the creatively-inclined.

1. You save valuable time by using invoicing software.

Let’s do a little experiment. Write out the phrase ‘There is a pencil, a mug, and an invoice on my desk’ by hand. Then type it out on a computer. For most, typing takes considerably less time.

With an online invoice programme, you not only save time writing, you also save yourself the hassle of calculating and adding in the VAT, subtotals, and totals. Saving 1 minute here and there adds up. That could be 20 minutes a month. And 4 hours a year. Invoicing software gives you that time back.

Invoicing software like Debitoor makes creating personalised, professional-looking invoices easy

2. No more smudges. Create flawless invoices.

To err is human. That’s why erasers were invented. When you’re creating invoices by hand and make a mistake, you have two options: start again or use correction fluid and write over it (a bit of an untidy option).

Corrections made to hand-written invoices in most cases make your invoices appear unprofessional. And if you’re writing out an invoice in front of a customer and need to start again? Not an ideal situation. Solution: invoice software. Avoid messy corrections by simply clicking to edit the details.

3. Copies for your records.

While technology did bring advancements so that it isn’t necessary to write out an invoice twice in order to have a copy for your records, papers do still tend to go missing. There are oh so many ways to misplace a copy of an invoice.

Spilled tea on your invoices? Left the file folder in a cafe? It’s safe to say that paper copies of your invoices are never really safe. But there is a way to ensure that you can keep them at your fingertips regardless of where you go or what beverage may have met its demise. I’m sure you’ve guessed it: by storing them in the cloud.

4. More professional-looking invoices.

No matter your personal preference, there’s not much of a debate: hand-written invoices tend to look sloppy. There is a Debitoor user in Iceland who is very creative and put a lot of time into creating her invoices by hand. But since using Debitoor, she’s found that her customers pay her faster.

With invoicing software like Debitoor, you can upload your logo, customise with your own images, and select your personalised colour scheme with our invoice designer. You also have a variety of layouts to choose from so you’re sure to find the best fit for your unique brand. A professional-looking invoice helps your business stand out in your customers’ minds and improve communication.

5. Money spent on an invoicing programme is money spent on developing your business.

A popular argument we hear is that hand-written invoices are free. Invoicing software is not. But in the same vein, walking is free but taking the tube is not. So why not walk everywhere? Because it’s takes too long, is inconvenient, and can end up getting you lost, or arriving at work a sweaty mess.

Interesting how well that lines up with reasons to use online invoicing software instead of the free option. Meeting a friend for tea is also paid, while having them over to yours is free. But what you pay for are the benefits and convenience, saving you time to devote your energy to more enjoyable things about running your business. Or maintaining your life outside of your business.

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