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Sending invoices? Why not from a cafe!

As a small business owner, you’re possibly like many who work comfortably from a home office. At least when it comes to managing the invoicing and accounting sides of your business.

If you're craving coffee from a fancy machine like this one, you can still manage your invoices with invoicing software like Debitoor.

But thanks to apps and cloud-based software, it’s easy to mix it up and move locations. Maybe you’re looking for a little company, or you simply need a change of scenery. Or if you have a business meeting and decide to get there early to prepare. Fortunately, no matter the reason, the right software will work for you anywhere.

And not just at any location. But also on any device. With cloud-based software, you can log in to your account and access your data even if you choose to take your iPad instead of your laptop.

What can you do with mobile invoicing software?

These days it seems that the more mobile, the better. Or at least it means that there are more options and increased convenience. Especially when it comes to software for running your business.

Whether you’re responding to customer questions, checking up on your latest marketing campaign, finding new potential SEO keywords, or getting your invoicing and accounting taken care of, it seems, as with everything these days, that ‘there’s an app for that’.

With the right invoicing software, you can:

  • Create and send invoices
  • Make and manage quotes
  • Add expenses with OCR technology
  • Enter payments
  • Stay on top of your finances
  • Access customer details

While it can be comforting to work from an office, it can be a refreshing change to get some work done over an Earl Grey latte or delicious pastry of some sort.

Cloud based software means you can invoice from anywhere. Even in this cafe with a fresh cup of coffee and laptop

Invoice from anywhere

While you don’t necessarily need to be in a cafe (just a suggestion based on personal experience and preference!), you will most likely need an internet connection to get anything meaningful done. However, some invoicing software offers a mobile offline option - meaning you can draft an invoice and it will be saved for when you’re back online and ready to complete and send it to your customer.

Most software aims to make their mobile apps as easy (if not easier) than their web apps. This should especially be true with invoicing software. Mobile apps should be available for both iOS and Android.

For example, with Debitoor invoicing software, the mobile app (as well as an optimised version for iPad) makes it fast and simple to manage your invoicing as well as stay on top of expenses without having to worry about losing those paper receipts when you’re out and about.

Manage your accounting with software

Entering payments and recording your expenses are two sides of a very important coin when it comes to running your business. It’s one thing to be able to create quotes and invoices and register payments. Tracking your expenses is a helpful addition. But what about a general overview of your account? And what about when it comes time to file tax?

Good software will make this part easy as long as you have been keeping up with recording your activities. Even bank reconciliation can be made easy thanks to uploading a monthly bank statement.

This means that you can maintain an overview of the financial side of your business, even referring quickly to graphs that give you a visual understanding of your cash flow and accounts.

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