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2017: New features in Debitoor

Another year is coming to an end and, like most of us, it’s a great time to take a look back over what we’ve accomplished this year and write up our list of goals and projects for the new year.

Here at Debitoor accounting & invoicing software, we've done a lot in 2017! Here's an overview of the new features and functions

This outlook is applicable not only to our daily lives, but also in your invoicing & accounting software. Because, after all, there have been a lot of additions and improvements in Debitoor this year. And we’re already looking at how we can continue that in 2018…

New features in your invoicing software

This year, the new features that have been implemented include:

  • Payment receipts that can be sent with a click to customers for both full and partial payments of invoices
  • The CIS deduction option, making it easy to apply the appropriate deduction for those in the construction industry
  • A discount per line option. Now add discounts on only specific items or on the invoice as a whole
  • The new Classic invoice design - a return to a traditional yet updated invoice template
  • Custom invoice number series, giving you more options for fully unique invoice numbers including letters and symbols
  • Adding attachments to invoices and quotes, as well as setting these as default so there’s no need to upload each time
  • Recurring invoicing to automate the repeat invoices that you need to send every week/month/etc. it’s now taken care of
  • Uploading pictures for your products/services for your invoice list, as well as on your invoices and quotes

Updates to the Banking tab

We gave the Banking tab a full overhaul this year. Focusing on making it easier to navigate, as well as introducing new options for managing your payments, we also changed the name from ‘Payments’ to ‘Banking’.

In making this section easier to use, it’s now possible to undo your most recent bank statement import with just a click, as well as delete payments individually by clicking on the payment and choosing ‘Delete’.

OCR, data import, and push notifications

Another useful new feature that significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to register a new expense is OCR technology. With OCR, you can simply snap a photo of a receipt with the iOS app or upload an image in your browser and the important details will be read and filled in automatically.

Speaking of uploading data, it’s also now possible to undo imports of customer, product, and supplier lists, just like the bank statement uploads.

A small improvement that you might not have noticed is the possibility of receiving push notifications on your desktop even when you don’t have your Debitoor page open. Meaning you know the moment your invoice has been viewed, or you receive a reply. Helping you to stay on top of your business.

Updates to the iOS app

At the end of last year, we launched the new Debitoor iOS app. Since then, our development team has been working hard to continue adding and improving the features and functions available.

Now, with our new invoicing app for iOS you can:

  • Create and send invoices and quotes
  • Record new expenses using OCR
  • Change your invoice design
  • Secure your sensitive data with Touch ID
  • Purchase your subscription through the App Store
  • Share invoices via WhatsApp, Messenger, in PDF format or with a link
  • Attach files to invoices and quotes
  • Work offline and sync automatically when you reconnect

Our old iOS app only allowed you to create new documents. With the new app, you also have the option of viewing, editing, and deleting the information you enter.

SumUp integration

A final great new addition this year is our integration with SumUp, a company leading the market in convenient, portable card readers.

Thanks to SumUp, you can now accept payments by credit card, debit card, contactless, both in person or online. In the integration with Debitoor, these payments are automatically imported to your account so you can manage your bookkeeping easily.

Looking ahead to 2018

Wrapping up the current year, we’ve already started to form plans for what we’d like to accomplish in the new year.

At the top of our list, you’ll find a new and improved Android app, as well as a continued stream of updates to features and functions within the web app, based on feedback we collect from our users.

To stay informed of all the new updates, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (buttons below!) and keep an eye on our blog!

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